A Week in Lithuania – Vilnius, Kaunas, and Trakai – Travel as a Digital Nomad Download mp4 video mp4 download

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Here is a travel video from 7 days traveling around Lithuania – Vilnius, Kaunas, and Trakai. Read the full blog post here:

Why Come to Vilnius

It’s difficult to pinpoint exactly why you should come here, or better yet, base yourself here for months a time as an expat or digital nomad, but I think the main attraction would be a good mixture of balance. Lithuania isn’t perfect for any one thing, but it has a good balance of low costs of living, easy communication in English, friendly people, good food, nice bars, tasty beer, easy transportation, nature, safety, good internet, clean streets, and an overall good lifestyle makes it a great place.

For the months of May-September, the weather in Vilnius is perfect. It never gets too hot even at peak summer in July with an average temperature of 26C/78F during the day, allowing you to have sunny afternoons at the lake and a cool 13C/55F at night which means you never need to turn on A/C at night to have a comfortable night’s sleep. The tap water is drinkable and unlike most of Europe, you don’t need to waste plastic or money buying bottles of mineral water at home or at restaurants. You can either ask for a free glass of tap water, or for a reasonable price of €1-2.50 you can order a liter of table water which is usually flavored with lemons, limes and herbs.

Vilnius isn’t too busy, but has plenty of great restaurant, bars, and beautiful people walking around. Like seriously, in the hour of sitting here in a cafe writing this, I’ve seen a dozen girls come in to order coffee who could all be models. Similar to Ukraine, Lithuanians walk a lot, and even though their food is heavily based on potatoes and starch, people tend not to overeat junk food, which keeps them thin. Both men and women here in Lithuania are extremely tall as well, with the average being 181.3 cm, 5 ’11 1⁄2 for men and 167.5cm/5’6 for women, which is almost 3 inches taller than the average American. So whether you’re into tall men, or women, this may be the country for you.

Almost everyone under 25 speaks English relatively fluently, and maybe the best I’ve heard of any non-native English speaking country aside from Holland and Sweden. And since Lithuanian is such a difficult language, no one will expect you to speak it, so don’t worry about coming across as rude when you start a conversation or order something using English. By simply saying Ačiū (the sneezing sound of Ah-Chu) for thank you is enough to make people happy that you tried. Here’s a video tour of what life in Vilnius and the surrounding cities here in Lithuania is like. I filmed it over a week throughout Vilnius, Kaunas and the lakeside town of Trakai. Check it out!

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A Week in Lithuania – Vilnius, Kaunas, and Trakai – Travel as a Digital Nomad Download mp4 Download Link


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