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Egypt = epic.

To call a trip to another country the experience of a lifetime sounds incredibly cliche. And yet, the two months that I spent solo traveling around Egypt were certainly that and more. I cannot even describe how much I loved this amazing place, which quickly became not only my favorite country – but a place that felt like coming home.


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**Always looking for new music! Send me an email (listed on my About page) to submit songs. They must be available for monetization without getting me a copyright strike. You will get in-video and description credit, plus a new fan (hint, it’s me)**

*Note* Many of you ask why I did not end up using Egyptian or Arabic music for my Egypt videos. I really wanted to use Arabic music for these videos, and tried to put out the word that I was looking for copyright-free Arabic music. However, the music that I was sent was very popular, often top hits in Egypt. Though this is great, I cannot use these songs, as they are not copyright free. YouTube does not allow this – I would get strikes on my channel if I uploaded this music. People have told that it’s okay, because the Egyptian artists won’t mind, but unfortunately it is more complicated than that – YouTube does not allow it. I was, in the end, sadly unable to find copyright free Arabic music that fit my videos… Maybe next time!

song – True Colors Don’t Run (Sirius Mashup)

Music provided by Sirius Music

listen to the full song here –


Goblin Mixes:

Zedd, Kesha – True Colors (Nolan van Lith Remix) (

Veorra – Run (

Spectrum by Orion:

Sirius –


Cairo, Egypt القاهرة

Giza, Egypt الجيزة

Pyramids of Giza أهرامات الجيزة

Pyramids Loft Homestay

White Desert

Aswan, Egypt أسوان‎

Nile River

Abu Simbel أبو سمبل

Sakkara & Step Pyramid سقارة‎

Dashur دهشور‎

Alexandria, Egypt الأسكندرية, إسكندرية

Luxor, Egypt الأقصر‎

Dahab, Egypt دهب‎

Siwa, Egypt واحة سيوة

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