Episode 2 – Rs. 65,000 – Norway, Sweden & Denmark – Rs. 7000 and a day of exploring Istanbul City Download Video video mp4 download

Youtube details of Travel Video Episode 2 – Rs. 65,000 – Norway, Sweden & Denmark – Rs. 7000 and a day of exploring Istanbul City Download Video

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This video details how I spend one day in Istanbul with Rs. 7000 including the Rs. 2500 visa fee, air bnb rent, food, an uber short ride, museum ticket and chilling at a bar and all other expenses. In this one day which I intentionally took as a layover on my Turkish airline flight to Stockholm, Sweden, I spent 21 hours exploring the beautiful city of Istanbul and see a little bit of so much this interesting city has to offer. I was barely able to scratch the surface but still could take out enough information that could be useful for anyone who wants to visit this beautiful city as a transit or a full trip.

This video will provide full information about

1) How much do museums costs in Istanbul?

2) Budget required for the minimum expense in Istanbul city

3) Prices of Istanbul and Turkish street food.

4) Some history of Istanbul and how it is half in Aisa and half in Europe.

5) Prices of basic food items in Istanbul city.

6) Connecting from Istanbul city to the airport.

7) Party scene in Istanbul

8) Experience of an Indian traveler to Istanbul.

And also gives you a full perspective of an Indian visiting Istanbul.

Full Detail of expenses shown in the video

Turkey Visa – Rs 2500

Air BnB – Rs. 1500

Food in Turkey – Rs. 300 (Chicken Doner and Shawarma)

Airport Bus, Two way – Rs. 400

Museum ticket Rs. 300

Uber Ride: Rs. 300

Redbull at the bar Rs. 300

Sim Card: Rs. 700

Public Transport Rs. 300

Total Spends Istanbul City Only Rs. 7000

Note: Since Istanbul trip was purely a personal option and is separate from 13 days Europe trip hence I am not counting the 7000 I spent here in the 13 day Europe Trip which is a separate budget of Rs. 65,000 as the target amount.

My Airbnb


Hostel Booked AT

Hotels Checked At

Full Detail of expenses shown in the video

Flight Rs. 18,300, Turkish Airline

Hostel – Rs. 6000 Approx

Food – Rs. 500 a day maximum eating Haldi Ram, MTR, and Grilled chicken.

Public Transport Pass used for airport transfer and 3 days use Rs. 2000

My Vlogging Setup


Primary Camera for Self-shots and Night Shots

Secondary Vlogging Action Camera

My Phone for Pans, Tilts, and Hyperlapse

Stabilizers & Tripods

My Stabilizer Gimbal for the Primary Camera

My phone gimbal for hyperlapse and stabilized shots.

tripod for this Primary Camera

Chargers, Hubs, and Plugs

My World Plug

USB Charging Hub


Managing Extremely Big Data

Hard Disk One

Hard Disk Covers

My Headphones

Post Production

Editing Software iMovie

Editing Done on High-Speed SDD Drive

Mic for Voice Over

The computer I use for editing and my only machine.

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Episode 2 – Rs. 65,000 – Norway, Sweden & Denmark – Rs. 7000 and a day of exploring Istanbul City Download Video Download Link

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