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Everywhere that I plan to travel in 2018 (so far), thoughts on settling down and my dream home, why I don’t want to live in the U.S. again, tips for YouTube, and more.

Let me know if you want to attend the meet-up in Shanghai in early May!


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**Try out Airbnb! You’ll get a free night’s stay anywhere in the world, and so will I! It’s a win win. 😀

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**Always looking for new music! Send me an email ( to submit songs. They must be available for monetization without getting me a copyright strike. You will get in-video and description credit, plus a new fan (hint, it’s me)**

There is no music today. Why? I decided that I wanted this video to have a conversational feel, and that music made it less natural. That’s also why I answered fewer questions and spent more time than usual on most of the questions asked.

Thanks for watching!

B-Roll Locations

(This is pointless, but I love making lists and being exaggeratedly precise).

main location: Shenzhen, China 深圳市

0:32 house shot: Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

0:45 apartment shots: Shenzhen, China

0:57 guy on bike: Shenzhen, China

0:58 Great Wall: Great Wall of China

0:59 peace photo bomb: Shenzhen, China

1:18 waterfall shot: Bali, Indonesia

1:20 garden shot: Singapore

1:36 happy shot: Dubai, UAE

1:48 having desert: Shenzhen, China

1:51 hug hello: Shenzhen, China

1:53 beautiful coffee: Pale Blue, Shenzhen, China

1:56 beach sunset: San Vicente, Palawan, Philippines

2:16 gorgeous view shots: Nice, France

2:35 sister shots: Richmond, Virginia, USA

3:26 Caspian shot: Richmond, Virginia

6:28 food shots: Koh Lanta, Thailand

7:25 walking shot: Singapore

7:32 tuk-tuk with Poppy: Beijing, China

8:33 rain shots: Jiufen, Taiwan

9:51 with Livio shots: Dubai, UAE

9:55 beach with Livio: Sayulita, Mexico

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I’m Going to India (and other Q&A) Download Video Mp4 Download Link


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