Indian in Canada – ATM, Driving, Parliament, Parks, & Indian Festival Vlog # 2 Download mp3 video mp4 download

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This is a series of vlogs from my Canadian visit where I will be exploring the city of Ottawa and showing you bits and pieces of local lifestyle and cultural differences between our and their ways of life.

This is my second vlog in which I will show how Indian and Canada are really closely related to each other with their shared values of democracy and freedom and share a recorded conversation with honorable, High Commissioner of India to Canada.

The video also has information about the drive-through ATMs, Live shows at the Canadian Parliament building and how a river divides Ontario and Quebec the two provinces (States) in Canada and how on one end, French is spoken and on the other end, English.

The video also has a recorded conversation with a 79 years old Austrian Canadian hiker and also explains how physical activities, regardless of weather, are a big thing in Canada.

I hope you like this video and if you have any feedback regarding my second vlog and how I could improve it, please share in the comments section. I am an average Indian vlogger who is trying to share information of the world with you people and since there is always a scope of improvement, please share your feedback.


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Full Detail of expenses shown in the video

Flight Rs. 18,300, Turkish Airline

Hostel – Rs. 6000 Approx

Food – Rs. 500 a day maximum eating Haldi Ram, MTR, and Grilled chicken.

Public Transport Pass used for airport transfer and 3 days use Rs. 2000

My Vlogging Setup


Primary Camera for Self-shots and Night Shots

Secondary Vlogging Action Camera

My Phone for Pans, Tilts, and Hyperlapse

Stabilizers & Tripods

My Stabilizer Gimbal for the Primary Camera

My phone gimbal for hyperlapse and stabilized shots.

tripod for this Primary Camera

Chargers, Hubs, and Plugs

My World Plug

USB Charging Hub


Managing Extremely Big Data

Hard Disk One

Hard Disk Covers

My Headphones

Post Production

Editing Software iMovie

Editing Done on High-Speed SDD Drive

Mic for Voice Over

The computer I use for editing and my only machine.

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Indian in Canada – ATM, Driving, Parliament, Parks, & Indian Festival Vlog # 2 Download mp3 Download Link

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