Rs. 65,000 – Norway, Sweden & Denmark – 12 Nights – Intro Video – My Budget Europe Trip Download mp3 video mp4 download

Youtube details of Travel Video Rs. 65,000 – Norway, Sweden & Denmark – 12 Nights – Intro Video – My Budget Europe Trip Download mp3

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With Rs. 65,000 I plan to explore the countries of Norway, Sweden, and Finland for 12 nights, starting this weekend, Join me and experience an Indian solo budget traveler exploring the world for less. This is going to be a Europe trip in Hindi from an Indian vlogger point of view.

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I have visited Europe 7 times before and already explored its 14 countries. I am going to visit Norway, Sweden, and Denmark for the first time.

I this trip you would be able to see an average Indian visit Copenhagen, Oslo and Stockholm, which are the capitals of these three countries which are also called Scandinavia.

I will share every euro spent on the trip and exact travel plan with full budget tips.

Please Note: That Scandinavia is one of the most expensive regions of the world and it would take a minimum of Rs 5K/Night including Food, Accommodation, Activities, Public Transport, Renting Bikes, Paying Activity Tickets, Visiting Museums and Buying city card, socializing and enjoying parties and nightlife and also trying local street food. This budget also includes my airport to city transfers, city to railway station/bus stop transfers and bus and train tickets for going from one country to another after landing in the first one and the prices do not include airfare as I do not add them in my travel guides because they are unpredictable, always changing and vary on countless factors so adding them as fixed/known or a predictable cost is impossible, however I will clearly inform about the tickets I have purchased and how I manage to pay always minimum possible fares for my trips.


My Vlogging Setup


Primary Camera for Self-shots and Night Shots

Secondary Vlogging Action Camera

My Phone for Pans, Tilts, and Hyperlapse

Stabilizers & Tripods

My Stabilizer Gimbal for the Primary Camera

My phone gimbal for hyperlapse and stabilized shots.

tripod for this Primary Camera

Chargers, Hubs, and Plugs

My World Plug

USB Charging Hub


Managing Extremely Big Data

Hard Disk One

Hard Disk Covers

My Headphones

Post Production

Editing Software iMovie

Editing Done on High-Speed SDD Drive

Mic for Voice Over

The computer I use for editing and my only machine.

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Rs. 65,000 – Norway, Sweden & Denmark – 12 Nights – Intro Video – My Budget Europe Trip Download mp3 Download Link

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