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There are not many trains riding between Hua Hin and any other station, you can only go North to Bangkok or south to Surat Thani and everything in between.

There are two platforms and three trains. One to Bangkok, one that stops more and goes south and one faster train to Surat Thani. This train stops at every town in comparison to the train that goes to Surat Thani travels more directly. So the train we’ve took, ride almost 5 hours as the train to Surat Thani will take about 6 hours but the route is much much longer.

As we sat at the window seat looking at all the cute villages to pass by, we made the decision to go to a bigger city because we need a place to work ;). Chumphon was the best option with many travel possibilities from there.

We took a train ride because is it the cheapest way to travel south. We always want to show you what first class looks like so you can make a decision for yourself if its worth it. This time there is only third class..

You realise the train has only third class when the train arrives, It looks old and almost not qualified for riding. Inside is wasn’t very dirty. At least not as dirty as I thought it would be. There where vans at the ceiling of the train instead of air conditioning. There are squadding toilets in the train and there is an area where there a sinks so you can refresh up. Every 15 minutes or so people will walk trough the train with drinks and food.

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THAILAND Train Ride – Hua Hin to Chumphon Download Video and mp3 Download Link

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