Travel and Income from SF and Las Vegas – Sept 2018 Download Video and mp3 video mp4 download

Youtube details of Travel Video Travel and Income from SF and Las Vegas – Sept 2018 Download Video and mp3

Here’s my travel and income report from San Francisco and Las Vegas as a digital nomad:

This has been an exciting month traveling and visiting home, friends, and family in California as well as checking out the coworking scene in San Francisco. I started the month in Las Vegas kicking off our first ever U.S.A. based conference for digital nomads the Nomad Summit and it was a blast. I got to meet over one hundred people mostly from around the U.S. and Canada who are already working remotely, working from home, or wanting to quit their jobs to become a digital nomad and travel the world. Financially it was a huge gamble as there would have been a chance we could have had a huge profit or a huge loss from it, but luckily, it was more break even than anything.

I’ll breakdown some of the financials in this month’s income report below as well as how much online income, passive income, and investment income I made while traveling this month. I’ll also break down my expenses of flying back to the US, and how much I spent there during my trip home.

Even though it’s now officially October 1st as I’m writing this and I’m back in Thailand, this month of being back in California really hit me hard. For the first time in years I went home not being tempted to stay forever. In the past, I’ve always thought about buying a car, or getting an apartment, and making just one last trip out to Thailand. But this time, even though the economy is doing well and everyone I know is enjoying life, going out to eat, drink and driving nice cars, I honestly couldn’t wait to get back to my life in Chiang Mai. For the first time in a long time, I really got reminded what the rat race looks like and how many people wish they could escape it.

Even though it’s really nice to visit, I’ve now realized how still it would be for me to voluntarily join it again. Coworking out of Silicon Valley and checking out Spaces, the nicest coworking space there, I imagined what my life would be if I stayed. Keep reading for all of the details in this month’s September 1st, through 30th, 2018 Travel and Income update.

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Travel and Income from SF and Las Vegas – Sept 2018 Download Video and mp3 Download Link


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